You don't have to build large projects alone; invite collaborators to share the responsibilities and create scalable projects faster.


Extend your productivity

With Collaborators you'll significantly enhance the efficiency of project development and management. Facilitating teamwork, allows for quicker creation of projects and data models, reducing the time spent on complex, developer-centric tasks. Distributing the workload among team members enables time savings that would be impossible for an individual managing multiple projects.

Distribute your workload

Individuals with Collaborator permissions in Contentrain wield extensive control and flexibility over project execution. They can initiate new projects, modify existing ones, and have the authority to adjust data models, adding a layer of dynamism to project development. Although they cannot delete the Workspace or invite new Collaborators, they play a crucial role in shaping the project's direction. Their ability to invite users to specific projects and assign roles ensures that each project benefits from tailored input and expertise, enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of the development process.

Manage projects with your team

The Collaborator feature in Contentrain is a cornerstone for enhancing project management and execution. By enabling a collaborative environment, it streamlines the creation and modification of projects and data models, saving valuable time and effort. Collaborators have significant capabilities that contribute to the project's success, from initiating and adjusting projects to managing user roles within those projects. This collaborative approach not only simplifies complex project management but also ensures that projects are executed more efficiently, leveraging the collective skills and expertise of the team for optimal results.

Explore & experience everything you’ll need from a CMS tool

All the great features that development and content teams need while working together on your digital product.


Contentrain provides a playground for large-scale content teams to group different types of projects with separate workspaces.

Assets Manager

Upload and manage your digital assets (SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG, Video, etc...) with a well-organized built-in asset library for quick access.

Content activities & releases

Track every project action with Activities, simplifying management and collaboration on your content team with full oversight.

Serverless Collections

With the Serverless Platforms Contentain now gains the ability to manage dynamic data without API or Bandwith needs

Custom Roles & Permissions

Optimize project management in Contentrain with custom roles: create special permissions and define your team for efficient collaboration

Content Schema Builder

With the new low-code content schema builder, developers can create their ultimate content structure without hassle.