Shared Content Models

Craft and share content models like "Hero, Blog, Authors, Products, Footer" with the community for contribution via Shared Content Models.

Headless CMS content model

Share your Content Models

You can craft complex content models with the no-code content schema tool and share these models with the entire Contentrain community.

Community crafted content models for Headless CMS

Explore the Content Models

Shared content models are available for anyone when creating a project in Contentrain.

This method is very useful when you need a standard content model like "Authors", all you have to do is explore the community-crafted content models from the left side menu when you are creating a new content model for your project.

Open source content models

Open source content models

There are two main ways to contribute to shared content models:

First way; users can create content models directly within the Contentrain interface, sharing them with a few clicks.

Second way; users can opt to create and submit content models via GitHub by opening a pull request.

Content models are always reviewed by the Contentrain team to avoid duplications and wrong content model structures.


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All the great features that development and content teams need while working together on your digital product.


Contentrain provides a playground for large-scale content teams to group different types of projects with separate workspaces.

Assets Manager

Upload and manage your digital assets (SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG, Video, etc...) with a well-organized built-in asset library for quick access.

Content activities & releases

Track every project action with Activities, simplifying management and collaboration on your content team with full oversight.

Serverless Collections

With the Serverless Platforms Contentain now gains the ability to manage dynamic data without API or Bandwith needs

Custom Roles & Permissions

Optimize project management in Contentrain with custom roles: create special permissions and define your team for efficient collaboration

Content Schema Builder

With the new low-code content schema builder, developers can create their ultimate content structure without hassle.