Rich Text Editor

Collaborators are particularly beneficial for large-scale and complex projects, where collaboration leads to more effective management and superior outcomes.



Contentrain's Rich Text Field, commonly known as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), significantly simplifies the process of creating and editing content. This editor empowers content creators to craft, edit, and seamlessly link various content types, enhancing the overall content creation experience without requiring deep technical knowledge.



With the Rich Text Editor, incorporating links and images into your content is straightforward. Whether you're pulling images directly from the asset manager or using external links, the editor supports a wide array of content enrichment options. Additionally, the ability to easily insert tables and other formatting elements ensures that your content not only conveys the message clearly but also captures the audience's attention with its visual appeal.



The editor makes it effortless to produce rich, visually appealing content. Its user-friendly interface allows for the quick addition of tables and other elements, elevating the visual quality of your content. This ease of use ensures that content teams can focus on the quality and effectiveness of their content, rather than being bogged down by complex editing tools.


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Contentrain provides a playground for large-scale content teams to group different types of projects with separate workspaces.

Assets Manager

Upload and manage your digital assets (SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG, Video, etc...) with a well-organized built-in asset library for quick access.

Content activities & releases

Track every project action with Activities, simplifying management and collaboration on your content team with full oversight.

Serverless Collections

With the Serverless Platforms Contentain now gains the ability to manage dynamic data without API or Bandwith needs

Custom Roles & Permissions

Optimize project management in Contentrain with custom roles: create special permissions and define your team for efficient collaboration

Content Schema Builder

With the new low-code content schema builder, developers can create their ultimate content structure without hassle.