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Collaborators are particularly beneficial for large-scale and complex projects, where collaboration leads to more effective management and superior outcomes.



Contentrain is set to revolutionize its platform with the upcoming launch of the Extensions section, enabling the integration of third-party applications directly within the CMS. This advancement will allow users to seamlessly incorporate a wide array of software and marketing tools, enhancing the content management and creation process through direct integration with Contentrain.



The Extensions Market will feature a comprehensive suite of plugins from various domains such as CDN services (e.g., Cloudinary, Cloudflare), email services (e.g., Sendgrid, Beehiiv), CRM platforms, translation services, and AI tools. These extensions are designed to operate in harmony with Contentrain, providing content creators with powerful tools to streamline their content structure development and content production workflows.



By integrating these diverse extensions, Contentrain aims to significantly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of content creators' workflows. The Extensions Market will facilitate easy access to external services and tools, enabling creators to enhance their content with advanced features and capabilities, ultimately leading to richer and more dynamic content experiences.


Explore & experience everything you’ll need from a CMS tool

All the great features that development and content teams need while working together on your digital product.


Contentrain provides a playground for large-scale content teams to group different types of projects with separate workspaces.

Assets Manager

Upload and manage your digital assets (SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG, Video, etc...) with a well-organized built-in asset library for quick access.

Content activities & releases

Track every project action with Activities, simplifying management and collaboration on your content team with full oversight.

Serverless Collections

With the Serverless Platforms Contentain now gains the ability to manage dynamic data without API or Bandwith needs

Custom Roles & Permissions

Optimize project management in Contentrain with custom roles: create special permissions and define your team for efficient collaboration

Content Schema Builder

With the new low-code content schema builder, developers can create their ultimate content structure without hassle.