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Simplify your Content Creation and Publishing!

A Headless CMS that combines Git and Serverless Platforms to optimize content management on digital products for developers and content creators

Key values

Plug & play Headless CMS for a structured content workflow

With modern interfaces and smart solutions, Contentrain help digital product teams simplify their content management operations with collaboration.

Master your content architecture

Merge your Developer and Content Teams to create a smooth content structure with advanced 3rd party technology tools.

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Contribute to Open Source with Contentrain

Contribute and join any open-source project using the 'Forked Projects' feature , without coding skills.

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Scale your CMS as you need

Contentrain provides native Markdown file support which is very usefull for Markdown-based websites.

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Customize your Content Team with granular roles

Customize roles, granting precise access to view, edit, and manage content. Gain granular control over collaboration dynamics, whether with large teams or multiple stakeholders.

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For content creators

Build your content kingdom, and accelerate your productivity!

Create, edit, schedule and publish your website content or blog posts in an easy to use editor without developer support.

Create content with Markdown or Rich text editor

Contentrain's clean and minimal content editing interfaces provide cutting edge user experiences to content teams.

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Track your historical content

With the native Git version control system, track your content history anytime without leaving Contentrain.

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Make your content multilingual

Create, edit and publish multilingual content in seconds without technical help.

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Take control of your SEO content

Contentrain provides flexibility, control & freedom on your SEO content and assets. Content teams have full control of meta titles, meta descriptions, or OG images for more productivity.

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Discover a new type of Headless CMS that combines Git and Serverless platforms for better content management experience.


Explore & experience everything you’ll need from a CMS tool

All the great features that development and content teams need while working together on your digital product.


Contentrain provides a playground for large-scale content teams to group different types of projects with separate workspaces.

Assets Manager

Upload and manage your digital assets (SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG, Video, etc...) with a well-organized built-in asset library for quick access.

Content activities & releases

Track every project action with Activities, simplifying management and collaboration on your content team with full oversight.

Serverless Collections

With the Serverless Platforms Contentain now gains the ability to manage dynamic data without API or Bandwith needs

Custom Roles & Permissions

Optimize project management in Contentrain with custom roles: create special permissions and define your team for efficient collaboration

Content Schema Builder

With the new low-code content schema builder, developers can create their ultimate content structure without hassle.