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Wordify & Contentrain customer case study

Wordify chose Contentrain to enable non-technical employees to easily edit content, add new content, and work compatible with third-party marketing tools.

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ContentrainFeb 1, 2024
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About Wordify: Overview

Wordify is a dynamic content marketing agency with distinctive expertise in demand generation, content production, and content repurposing. They stand at the forefront of empowering businesses to maximize their digital presence and reach.

Wordify is an expert in the Headless CMS and they work with the big brands in the ecosystem

Wordify’s challenge

Wordify had been using Squarespace CMS for its website, which included three plugins to enhance the frontend experience and some custom code. However, due to the limitations of ready-made templates and minimal customization options, non-technical staff members faced significant challenges in content creation and editing processes. Particularly, the content management team couldn't find the freedom to make the desired changes and provide the best experience to customers. These limitations not only prevented Wordify from fully reflecting the true value of its brand to users but also left them dissatisfied with SEO and website performance, given the use of a ready-made template.

For these reasons, Wordify decided to develop a custom website instead of Squarespace and aimed to make content creation and editing processes more flexible and user-friendly by integrating this modern website with a Headless CMS. This step will enable non-technical staff to work more effectively and provide the freedom needed to deliver the desired experience to customers.

Why did they choose Contentrain?

Wordify chose Contentrain to enable non-technical employees to easily edit content, add new content, and work compatible with third-party marketing tools.

Smooth content editing experience:

The user-friendly and smooth interfaces provided by Contentrain have made Wordify's content team workflows more efficient. Contentrain offers essential features such as content creation, editing, and the ability to schedule and automate content sharing, making it an excellent solution for the Wordify team.

Working with third party marketing tools with ease:

By connecting with third-party marketing tools like Slack and SendGrid through Webhooks, Contentrain enabled Wordify to manage and automate email and communication processes effectively.

Track content actions with content versioning:

With Git's native version control feature, all the content created by Wordify could be systematically versioned. As a result, Wordify gained the ability to track who created each piece of content and prevent potential errors.

If someone from the team makes a wrong content edit, this content can be instantly reverted to the old version via Contentrain and possible errors can be prevented.

Wordify Tech Stack

Wordify partnered with Lanista Software for the development process of their modern and new website. Lanista Software aimed to achieve key performance benchmarks such as high performance, security, and SEO by utilizing Jamstack architecture.

Nuxt.js, one of the high-performance Static Site Generation (SSG) frameworks, was used to develop the frontend of the Wordify website. The developed Nuxt.js project was deployed on Netlify, taking advantage of the benefits of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)


  • Full control over page website SEO fields with Contentrain.
  • High Lighthouse scores and website performance.
  • High control over content creation and editing as a team.
  • Ability to create automation with third-party marketing tools.
  • Smooth content editing experience with Contentrain’s content editor panel.
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