What Is a Rich Text Editor, Top 5 Rich Text Editors For Vue

Rich text editors are the best tools that can be used to compose engaging content even without comprehensive programming skills.

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ContentrainFeb 2, 2024
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In order to develop highly engaging and interactive applications or websites, it is vital to create and manage visually appealing content. Rich text editors are the best tools that can be used to compose engaging content even without comprehensive programming skills. According to the 2022 State of Rich Text Editors Survey, it is revealed that developers believe that fundamentals matter the most in rich text editor tools.


Rich text editors are usedutilized in various applications, such as e-commerce platforms, content management systems, educational software, blogs, social media channels, and document editors, etc. Read on to know more about rich text editors, how they work, what are the top 5 rich text editors, and factors to consider when choosing rich text editors.

Rich Text Editor

A rich text editor or RTE is a software application that authorizes users to develop and edit text and multimedia content. This tool allows you to format text and add images along with other media to the web pages without the need to write any code.

Rich text editors typically provide a WYSIWYG interface, so you can see how your text will appear on the page as you make changes. In simple terms, users can see the results of their edits in real-time. This makes it easy for users to develop visually appealing and engaging content even without having any knowledge of HTML or CSS code.

Regardless of whether you are a novice or a skilled web developer, rich text editors are a valuable tool. Novices can useutilize RTEs in order to develop highly professional web pages without any coding knowledge. Meanwhile, skilled developers can utilize RTEs to add complex formatting and media to web pages quickly and easily.

How Rich Text Editor Works

Rich text editors let users create and edit formatted text even without HTML knowledge by translating text content into styled and rich content. When a user chooses a particular type of style and formatting, this tool translates the style into HTML tags. This means that writers can concentrate on creatingdeveloping content without having to worry about the underlying code.

A rich text editor typically includes two windows side by side. One window shows the rendered content, which is the text that will appear on the page. The other window shows the corresponding HTML text. Editors can useUsers can utilize the WYSIWYG mode to compose and edit rich text documents, which allows them to see how the text will appear on the page as they make changes. In addition, experienced users can write and modify HTML in the second window directly, which will edit the text and styles in the first window automatically.

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