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Contentrain is the ultimate playground for developers, where they can use their favorite tech stack to build awesome products with SSG frameworks like Nuxt, Next, Astro etc.

how to query content with Nuxt in a headless CMS

What is Developer Experience?

Why Developer Experience Matters: Easier Software Building - Find out why a good DX is key to helping developers create better software with less stress.

What is Jamstack?

Jamstack is the modern way of building for the web which is based on three main tech stacks Javascript, Markup, and Application Programming Interface (API).

Best Static Site Generators in 2024

Static site generator is a package used to automate the task of writing HTML pages based on sets of assets, templates, and content, this is where Contentrain comes in as our product works well with all SSG.

Key values

Better workflow for better developer experience

Design your project workflow however you want; Contentrain allows you to stay in your familiar development environment while avoiding unnecessary SDKs or APIs.

Features overview

Create, edit and publish your content with awesome features you need


<p>By connecting third-party applications through Webhooks, Contentrain enables the creation of a powerful content workflow.</p>

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Key values

Deploy your project from anywhere

Create fast and scalable websites, e-commerce, blog & publishing projects, knowledge bases, or documentation pages and deploy these projects on Netlify, Vercel, AWS, etc.

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Discover a new type of Headless CMS that combines Git and Serverless platforms for better content management experience.