More than a Git-based Headless CMS

Contentrain allows you to store and manage your static content in your Git repositories, your dynamic content in Serverless Platforms like Google Firestore.

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Why Headless over Monolitic?

Learn why a headless CMS is the smart switch from traditional monolithic systems, offering unmatched flexibility for your multi-platform content needs.

Benefits of Git architecture

Discover how Git architecture simplifies collaboration and accelerates project timelines, making it a developer's essential tool for efficient coding practices.

Combining Git & Serverless platforms

Dive into the world where Serverless Computing meets Git’s version control, enhancing your development workflow with agility and precision.

Key values

Build and extend without any dependencies

Contentrain saves digital product owners from bottleneck workflows and developer dependencies with its simple and effective structure, digital product owners get a solid ROI without vendor lock.

Features overview

Discover everything you need to build a perfect web project

Serverless Collections

<p>With the Serverless Platforms Contentain now gains the ability to manage dynamic data without API or Bandwith needs.</p>

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Key values

Let your developer and content teams collaborate

Build smooth content workflows to collaborate with your development and content teams on the same project with different tasks.

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Let's get started free, now!

Discover a new type of Headless CMS that combines Git and Serverless platforms for better content management experience.