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Starting as just a small admin panel, this project evolved over the years into a large-scale project like Contentrain, becoming one of the promising Headless CMSs in the ecosystem.

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Why and how did we do it?

We founded a software agency years ago and needed a CMS for a project developed for one of our clients. Our research failed to uncover a CMS that suited the client's profile and met our price satisfaction, leading us to develop a custom CMS specifically for the client's project

his small-scale CMS not only served the project well but also sparked the grand idea for Contentrain. After a series of rapid meetings and thorough ecosystem research, we decided to develop Contentrain, thereby marking our entry into the Headless CMS ecosystem. Over the years, the project exceeded our expectations in growth and has evolved to its present state.

about us

Our pre-seed investment process

When they decided to develop Contentrain, Bayhan and Sercan did not have enough financial resources to invest in the project. The Contentrain project has always been financed by the money the software agency earns from the projects it produces and the resources provided by the founders. When Contentrain became available to everyone in May 2022, it had not yet received any investment. As a result of many investor meetings throughout the year, Contentrain received a pre-seed investment of 190K USD as a result of the investment round held on Fonbulucu, the Crowdfunding investment platform of the last months of 2022.
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Contentrain 2.0

Contentrain has been used by more than 1000 users since its first release and has proven its presence in the Git-based Headless CMS ecosystem. Following the receipt of the preliminary seed investment and discussions with customers and users, a radical redevelopment decision was taken to eliminate some deficiencies in the product. After a series of rigorous evaluation processes, we compiled a list of new features for Contentrain and wanted to share it with our audience. Some of these announcements were warmly received and many requests were made to add to this list. Our main purpose in developing Contentrain 2.0 is; To be a complete Headless CMS that can manage dynamic data as well as static data.
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Contentrain: Where the creative minds united.

Contentrain brings together a dynamic team of developers, marketers, designers, and founders, all united by a shared vision of innovation and creativity.

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